Hot Cute Santa’s Favorite Registered Nurse Christmas Shirt

Do you think if Supreme Leader Trump had actually told Moscow Bitch Mitch to approve the economy relief or pushed his own stimulus relief that Supreme Leader would’ve been reelected? I think if people saw some money coming in, they’ve would’ve been like see he’s trying to get things going… Cause we’re going to be fucked for the next couple mm sounds to me like we need more lockdowns and restrictions said… well actually a lot of people I’ve been waiting for my PUA since March. I’ve called the office every single day to speak to someone, I get to put on hold for literally 2 hours, then the phone hangs up.

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Not for nothing but I haven’t gotten a single dollar from unemployment. I have been busting my ass and doing all sorts of manual labor jobs I never had in me. As well as install cart and serving tables. It’s hard but there are jobs out there. Obviously, not everyone can get jobs, but a large amount of that number isn’t looking forward to going back to work. How the fuck has nothing else been done to help people. I’ve been lucky enough to keep my job for now. But that’s just today. Who knows about tomorrow?

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