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And with overwhelming unemployment underemployment (less pay or hours than normal standard of living) and a window for healthcare closing, were going to have an unimaginable number of people uninsured. I know I will be, bye-bye antidepressants 🙂 the only reason I have them now is had a 3-month prescription refilled and I started rationing I lost my job in early October and I haven’t got one unemployment check yet. Thankfully I found a new job and had savings otherwise I would have been done. Hey, at least McConnell was able to appoint a 33-year-old with no trial experience to a lifetime judge appointment.

Official NBA Champions Lanker 17 Champs LA 2020 Shirt

Funny NBA Champions Lanker 17 Champs LA 2020 Shirt 


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Yeah, ?! I’ve been trying so hard to find a job, and last week the end date on my unemployment changes from March to Dec. 25. I don’t know what to do, I spend all day writing cover letter after cover letter to send with my resume to jobs that I’m not the most qualified for. I don’t know what more I can do but my time is running out. Less than 5 million units have been sold worldwide. You guys have like 30 million people without jobs and money. I don’t think the totally disingenuous position about the PS5 is warranted, or fair, despite whatever anecdotal evidence you might think you have.

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