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That’s America that “We the People…” allowed to become a reality. I’m anti-trump…but I’m also anti-every-other-piece-of-shit politician that allowed our country to become this ugly monster. President, senator, congressman…all of them…“Hold it right there, I knew it was you. I can smell you getting off the elevator. You were here last night wasn’t ya? You were here and you were smooching with my brother. Don’t give me that you’ve been smooching with everybody; little Mo with the Gimpy Leg. I can go on forever baby. If one thing working under a government branch that relied on funding to be approved

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The 1st round was $600. When it expired the Democrats wanted to continue it at $600 but GOP wanted to decrease it to $200. No one could’ve agreed. Surprise! Trump signed a temporary order at $300, but it expires on 12/31. No one thinks Congress will agree on anything now. Biden will increase it back to $600, but if GOP gets 2 more senators in the Georgia runoff election in January, GOP will fight to block Biden and all get less. But if Democrats win in Georgia, everyone more likely Whatcha wanna bet Donald tries to collect unemployment after he gets chiseled from office.

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