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The average American is not taking daily tests and would never know they were infected until they were symptomatic. Trump knew he was sick, had a day to still go and do what he wanted, and then hospitalized himself and began to receive top-of-the-line medical care, days before many Americans would have even been able to see a doctor or have a test administered, much less know their results. His outcome, whatever it is, should be exceptional because his care has been exceptional. He had a week head start over most Americans who contract this virus.

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Witch My Dachshund Rides Shotgun Halloween Shirt

He’s going to continue to receive the best care available back at the White House. If he somehow does succumb to this, and I am not saying that I hope that he does, that ought to be proof to everyone currently downplaying this thing, Trump himself and his now infected camp included, that this is serious. You should be afraid of Covid, goddammit. Use that fear to exercise appropriate caution and consideration of others. It’s not that damn difficult.

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