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This might sound a bit trite, but I hope this is soothing: life isn’t a series of checkboxes. Truly. Classmates laughing at you are seriously not OK but the rest of your situation is so absolutely normal and OK. You don’t need to have had a relationship, ever. I understand loneliness and wanting companionship but you have always been perfect and you will always be perfect, and that doesn’t change if someone wants to join you on your journey or doesn’t. If it’s some consolation, I had my first relationship when I was 20. Now I am in my second for about 7 years now. Things will change when you leave school and start working/college. You will be fine, you will find someone who appreciates you for who you are.

Skeleton Just Fckn Send It T-Shirt


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Even people whose lives are otherwise “perfect” struggle to find companionship and relationships. Why? Because unfortunately life doesn’t have a rewards system that gives good things to good people, and even if it did, someone else’s affections and companionship isn’t something to be won, that would violate their autonomy. It is an unfortunate reality that we can only control our own actions and show up every day as a true and authentic version of ourselves. We cannot control or even predict how other people will act, and thus how our lives will turn out.