Funny Witch My Beagle Rides Shotgun Halloween Shirt

Don’t be afraid, check yourself into the best hospital in the world, get a team of doctors to treat you, demand they give you experimental treatments available to nobody else, throw in a shitload of steroids to keep the mood up. Piece of cake.Pointless political theater. He’s sick and will be sick for weeks to come. All he’s doing now is risking his life and the lives of the unlucky people who must cater to his whims. A truly despicable man.

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Witch My Beagle Rides Shotgun Halloween Shirt

The transparency from this administration is unreal… How does he go from covid positive to oxygen, to crazy unproven trial drug cocktails, to feeling 20 years younger.. IN 4 DAYS?!? My coworker who is 25 caught covid and she was out for almost a month.. just doesn’t make sense…When 214,911 (and counting) Americans — including his buddy Herman Cain — are dead from the disease. That’s higher than every other single cause except for cancer and heart disease.

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