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I was a freshman in the VTCC when that all happened. I was looking forward to finally not being under the Training System (we did Caldwell March that weekend prior) and enjoying what new freedoms I got when this all happened. I was thankful that I was able to let my folks know before all phone communication was swamped for the next three days. We didn’t know we lost him until the following morning when we had the formation and were told. I remember clearly the collective pain we felt, the sense of trying to find some sort of solace, that first vigil we marched down to as a Corps, the march to his funeral service later on, and trying to get back to normal to end the year.

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You might not know, but we still did honor him for the rest of my time there. Outside the vigil for all of the victims on the Drillfield, as well as the 3.2 runs for 32, the Corps as a whole does a yearly run to his grave to pay respects on 4/16 and the HTs pay tribute at most public events. I believe this (and probably more) still continues, but it has been a decade since I graduated and directly participated. There’s no official statement but I saw on forums discussions that they had a large memorial for the victims already in the middle of campus and that there were a number of heroic acts performed that day that saved students lives and they don’t want to single one person out at the expense of others. That’s all I know. This guy is a definite hero no doubt. There were many heroes that day, all who shouldn’t have had to be heroes and lost their lives or got injured because of it. It’s not like they don’t remember the victims, there’s a ceremony every year along with the memorial.

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