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We drafted a 3rd string QB and 3rd string RB in April. It showed today. We were punished due to a lack of defense and having 1 NFL starting quality WR. Couldn’t be starker. Anybody defending that draft is a Gute himself in Reddit. Go watch Patrick Queen play LB for the Ravens and tell me our defense needs Dillon’s 3 carries more than him. Seriously missed chance. I hope Love is great down the line but fuck me, we have Rodgers we should be trying to win now. Pathetic front office work. I don’t get why they spend a second on Dillon and Third on that full-back that got injured.and then spending a fourth to move up four spots!

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This loss exposed the hubris of the front office. Their refusal to get Rodgers’s help at the wide receiver position is coming to bite them. Davante is a stud, but the other receivers are practice squad-level guys. Go get Will Fuller. Now. And Mike Pettine is looking like Dom Capers 2.0. Just refusing to make adjustments, especially in regards to stopping the run. Rodgers didn’t play great. Horrendous clock management on the final drive. But he needs better receivers around him.

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