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Honestly, this loss isn’t terribly concerning, as much as it stings to lose to the Vikings. Fluke weather conditions, a gimpy kicker, and a game-changing blown call going against us. Sometimes, it just doesn’t break your way Rodgers threw for 300 yards and the defense gave up 3 rushing TDs against Cook, the only player they needed to defend. This loss has nothing to do with the weather. The refs were pretty bad but still are not to blame for the loss. This is 100% on the defense. We lost one player. I get Cook is amazing but he’s not unstoppable. Horrid game management, blind coaches are a massive concern.

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Fans like you always make excuses and every loss ‘wasn’t that bad’. Are you blind? You can’t see how bad the run defense was? Cousins only threw the ball like 14 times, like Jimmy G only threw it 9 times last season in the Championship game. If we don’t make any trades, I’m giving up on the season. We’ll make the playoffs for sure. Maybe even get to the championship game. But we aren’t good enough to be a top 2 team and get to SB as-it-is going to be a lot like last year When the Playoffs were announced, my company had two contests: one to pick the teams in the SB, and another to pick the score. I had both teams, the score to exact, AND the winner.

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