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Thank you for this. As a brown person who absolutely loves spending time in nature, and camping, the concern is real and has been frightening at times. There is a palpable feeling/energy that ‘certain looks and body language’ give off from those that do not want you in their “space.” Fortunately, it is something I can recognize almost instantly so I use it to gauge whether to stay/eat somewhere or not. Many times it was difficult for my (white) SO’s to understand unless it was in our faces, which at times it was.

Good Crocheter 2020 Face Mask Quarantined Shirt


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Wow, you really think he would be shot and killed because he complains they didn’t get his order correct? So instead of just letting them know they made a mistake you jump to the conclusion that this whole restaurant racist and he will be gunned down if you say something. unreal, This is the thinking that scares me about America.