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I’m sorry but this post reads as so elitist, you just said that the restaurant was way too busy for you to be comfortable with. Did you ever think that maybe the host was overwhelmed? You also say she pushed your partner out of the way. She probably had to get somewhere in a hurry at her JOB. You don’t know what this woman is thinking and saying oh she’s a racist is messed up. I agree with your partner about not making a fuss over 3 dollars because most people who’ve ever experienced any sort of real issues in their life wouldn’t.

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Maybe your post should be about how coddled and entitled you are instead of how you now understand racism because of being in a busy restaurant where the staff was overwhelmed. I work in the service industry and you don’t know how many times people have called me a racist because they didn’t get treated up to their standards. God, I hope I get to make a lot of money one day so I can also read the minds of people with less income than me.off for you. It’s classist, elitist and to some extent cruel.