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In the aftermath of Pizzagate there were dozens of different conspiracy theories vying for attention on 4chan. Every day there was a different LARPer pretending to have top-secret intel/clearance making gibberish conspiracy posts. The market was already there and primed. Q just ended up being the one that caught on. Speaking with the Daily Dot, Brennan claims that the importance behind the QMap and 8kun link is not that it proves Watkins is Q, but that Watkins “could become Q whenever he wants.” Therefore, Q isn’t quite the military intelligence team it’s claimed to be.

Certified Coffee Drinker T-Shirt

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Excellent article. One thing stood out: the quote from a Q adherent: “..even our churches are out of whack.” The American “evangelical” movement is big into conspiracy-style thinking – a style of thinking that presupposes that everything has meaning, and that “God” has a message that you have to “discover” from the clues hidden in the Bible and how you interpret things around you. (This contributes to how they end up claiming insane stuff that contradicts the straightforward things that Jesus actually says in the Bible. Because they are so focused on the “hidden meaning” that they miss the direct instructions to not kill people and feed the starving and similar.)







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