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Luckily he was self-aware enough to recognize what was happening and stopped himself but if this guy who is the least vitriolic and right-wing person I know ended up going down that mentality, I can’t imagine what it must be like for the more feeble-minded individuals who have no natural resistance towards being fed hateful rhetoric. Conspiracy theories are like the serpent King Hydra, you cut off one head and two more grow back. Plus, the idea of a Hydra really feels real in the moment, which is proof of our ability to suspend our disbelief at will, or even involuntarily.

Official Stitch LGBT Pride Shirt

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Personally, I doubt that Watkins started the whole thing because it started out on 4chan not 8chan. But I also suspect that different people have been making the Q posts at different times and it might have been Watkins for a while now. Even if the person behind Q is revealed, if it goes against any bit of the hive mind of Q cultists, they’ll reject it as part of the conspiracy. Logic in that circle enters, gets dissolved into a kind of unrecognizable goo, and then is shaped by those who are so eager to create this bizarre reality where they’re on the Good Side™ and their enemies are all adrenochrome drinking pedophiles.



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