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The democrats have just realized they are helping Trump get re-elected so now the media has to do a 180 and gaslight us all into thinking Trump is responsible for the rioting, looting, and burning. The media is absolutely disgusting they have 100% exposed themselves time and time again to be untrustworthy snakes. I mean CNN is on the level with CCP state propaganda news. These “reporters” can stand in front of a scene that honestly looks like the gates of hell and without any wavering in their voice tell people its just a “peaceful protest”. It’s like they think we don’t have eyes or something.

Pharmacy Techs Know How To Mix It Up Shirt


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The same goes for the left. Biden and his cronies are spinning fake news, difference is… libs like what he’s saying. It fits their mindset. The same can be said for the right. My point: don’t trust a politician. Be a good person. Protest peacefully and don’t commit crimes. Shouldn’t be that hard The radical left is basically extorting Republicans. If Biden was the president they wouldn’t be rioting this much. However, that doesn’t mean that Trump is responsible for this violence just like someone who rejects a kidnapper’s demands isn’t responsible for what the kidnapper does.