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So basically right after the wedding she rapidly convinced herself that I wasn’t actually on her team but was actually her enemy. She was so paranoid and afraid that she’d end up in an unhappy marriage that she willed it into existence completely in her own head. So 7 months in (2 months after the last thing, and only a few weeks after our honeymoon), one day we had another small routine disagreement that snowballed into her full-on screaming and slamming things and breaking stuff until she threw all her clothes in a pile and left to stay with her friend “for a few days”.

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Then she came back with a Uhaul trailer and took all her stuff “to stay with her mom for a few weeks”. That was the last time I ever saw her or heard her voice. She refused to talk anymore. I got divorced via text message. Then she had the audacity to go on a lavish vacation overseas (on her mom’s dime) and post things like “no post-divorce blues here!”. Bitch, you did this, you did all of it, to yourself.