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We were all so happy when he finally kicked her selfish ass out and I could physically see my bro un-clench his asshole for the first time in years. He was a mess and his ego took a huge hit but he rebounded hard and seems so happy now. I’m not saying my brother was perfect, but he and we deserved much better than that thing. That was 5 years ago, I got my bro back now. He’s successful, happy, matured, and met someone that respects him as much as he respects her. I’m so proud of him as some people never get out.

Awesome Christmas Unicorn Wear Face Mask Stay 6 Feet Away Ugly Christmas Unicorn Design Shirt


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I think I knew things were bad when maybe 5 months into the marriage we got into a small routine disagreement that snowballed into her leaving that night and not coming home. 3 days later and her mom stops by (her mom lives 2000 miles away)… because she had called her mom and her mom flew out the next day and they were staying in a hotel. Then she had her mom talking to me because she didn’t want to anymore… at the first sign of anything difficult.