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He’s British, I’m American. We got married in December so he could get a green card and stay in the US (earlier than we would have gotten married otherwise, but it was still “for love” or so I thought). The week after the green card interview in August, he told me he was in love with someone else and hadn’t been happy in the relationship “for a while.” Now he wants to go straight into a relationship with her after being together for 6 years.

Awesome Sta Wars And Mandalorian Friend Merry Christmas 2020 Shirt


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Not me, but an old friend… They had a kid while she was a senior in high school. He was several years older and finishing up college. At the bachelorette party, she told us she didn’t want to marry him. We tried to convince her to call off the wedding, but she wouldn’t. A month later, there we were, waiting for the rain to stop, so the ceremony could begin. I later learned that while we were waiting, his uncle offered him cash to just walk away. He wouldn’t go.