Awesome Star Wars Characters Mickey Face Shirt

Heh, hated the stuff, wouldn’t drink it for many years. Then I got a job at a coffee shop, not a Starbucks but it was such that if we made a bit of extra money we could vary up the coffee we purchased. At the time, I wouldn’t drink it without a 2:1 ratio of cream and sugar, and could not fathom how anyone could drink it black or black with sugar. As a coffee drinker, I don’t like the taste at all, only do it for the caffeine kick. If I order a coffee I always get an espresso, people think I’m a coffee pro but really it’s just less disgusting liquid for the same amount of caffeine.

Awesome Star Wars Characters Mickey Face Shirt

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Then one day I had occasion to order the most expensive coffee on the list – 6 times more expensive than the regular bag of beans. And I did a blind study, replacing out the really good stuff, in line with the regular stuff. We had about 800 customers on a given day, about 200-300 of them were grizzled wall-street guys, who’re sole interaction every day at 6 am was very limited, among them there was almost no variation.

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