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Pulling a perfect shot and tasting no bitterness or astringency is such a different experience. You can get anything from really toasty chocolate flavors to acidic bright fruit flavors. If you have the patience for it, it’s so rewarding to brew good coffee yourself. I occasionally go to my local coffee shops and Starbucks in a pinch, but the money I invested in equipment generally guilts me into brewing from home especially nowadays. Then again, you can just not like coffee nor care to try to like it.

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Once there you get to appreciate the literally stunning array of flavors: fruits, herbs, earthy, woody. Warning I’m an unapologetic coffee snob. Whatever you do, if you truly want to learn coffee, never add milk, cream, or sugar. If you do you are just masking aspects of coffee you don’t like. (Note I’m speaking from pour-over preps not espresso…that’s an entirely different realm unto itself….and a foray into over roasted hell).

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