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The investigation discovered that Amazon feeds private vendor information, such because the variety of merchandise ordered and the sellers’ revenues, into its personal retail algorithms to assist it to determine which new merchandise to launch and the worth of every new provide, Vestager mentioned on Tuesday. So, Amazon gives a digital storefront to 3rd celebration sellers. Is Ger/Fr saying that, though Amazon is aware of how a lot of cash went via, and what number of models had been bought (as a result of Amazon is the success), they should fake to not know when doing their very own planning?

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In the meantime the European financial system has had sluggish development for the reason that monetary disaster – I’m wondering why? Let’s preserve attacking, overly regulating, and taxing the shit out of the world’s finest companies which might be attempting to do enterprise right here, after which surprise why Europe is drastically underperforming in comparison with USA/Asia. Effectively, I don’t know. Absolutely anything utilizing AWS would seize up instantly. And that could be a lot. All that must transfer to Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure making one or each of these corporations muuuuuuch extra highly effective.