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Lol, get in line virtually all corporations in Portugal abused this pandemic to jack up the costs. Nonetheless since Portugal completely nothing will occur as a result of most politicians are corrupt to their very core and virtually all of them have “cousins or associates” in these corporations they usually become profitable. Fuck my corrupt nation. I used to be an enormous fan of amazon, till I found how they fuck us over with their geo-pricing. I used to be on a web page the place I noticed the worth of an ebook when a warning popped up say one thing about oooh you are not speculated to see this the web page refreshed and the worth doubled. Fuckers.

Pretty Th Merry Christmas Cna Crew Santa Hat Antler Costume Nurse Shirt


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Extra like they do not just like the anti-competitive nature of how they create their very own merchandise. Did you learn the article? Amazon takes the entire information from gross sales to small companies after which figures out which merchandise they’ll make themselves and promote for much less. They then undercut the small companies and push them out of the market.