Assuming I’m Just An Old Man Was Your First Mistake Horse Sunset Shirt

I don’t think I would. I’m 17 now, and from the age of 12-13 to now and still ongoing has been the worst and most difficult time of my life. I have a couple of great friends, I have gotten a couple both mental and physical diagnoses, I’ve gotten past the years I was really sad and crying a lot almost every night, I take medications, I’m done with the braces. I’m not happy, I’m not content with life, I’m anxious, I’m worried, I might be depressed, I often feel like giving up, curling up in a corner to die, just ending things. But I’m still here, just because I don’t want to hurt anyone.

Assuming I’m Just An Old Man Was Your First Mistake Horse Sunset Shirt


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Definitely. I’d actually have confidence around girls and know how to manage this fucking mess of ADHD before being thrown into the gauntlet of college when it was finally diagnosed mid-degree and neck-deep in depression. I could actually go live the life I want and not be held back from grad school by a disaster of a college GPA. I’d know better than to let my twenties be muted by Zoloft. I’d take exercise seriously earlier in life and maybe get some scholarships. The only things I’d want to be absolutely sure to do from this round are meet a handful of best friends, one I met when I was about 15, two of them around 23, and the most important friend I’ve ever made I met just under a year ago. Perhaps most importantly, I wouldn’t fuck up that most recent friendship the way I did just yesterday.

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