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The amount of people saying yes in this thread is disgusting. If you go back to being a literal child you’ll pretty much never have a chance to develop normally. You would constantly be out of sync with your peers, years older than them mentally and frustrated with their nativity. Adults wouldn’t take you seriously, what the hell sort of parent is going to listen to their kid to bail out of the housing market in 2007? You’d be isolated and miserable from lack of making friends and living with life lessons that people your age are still learning. High school relationships would be pedophilia. The school would be maddeningly easy and dull. You’d have foreknowledge of arguments and events with family and especially parents that colors every interaction with them. Most importantly you’d live with this crushing secret that could get you institutionalized if found out.

Nice Riding Ain’t Easy Bike Vintage Retro Shirt

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11 is when I felt the best but right before shit went to crap. I’d probably remind myself to not smoke weed because it really isn’t anything special and try harder at school. I would have told my mom about my molestation sooner just for I could get it over with and get the help I needed. I’d keep writing and take it more seriously. I’d remind myself that sex isn’t everything and that I should keep my virginity until I find real love. I lost it at 15 to 31 years man I met on Craigslist so. I’d tell my mom that her new boyfriend is trash and so his sister’s new boyfriend so we should all stick together and if we really want to move we should move to the east side of town. I think about starting over at 11 all the time.