Funny Freedom Man Flag Shirt

100% and would work my ass off saving money and telling my parents to invest it for me in Apple stock. Teach me computer science early instead of in my 30s, dabble in some bitcoin and use my childhood to raise awareness regarding climate change. I would be in a position to take care of my family instead of seeing them struggle like I am. That said, the best day to improve your life was yesterday, the second-best is today, and try to do as well as you’re able with the time we have left.

Funny Freedom Man Flag Shirt


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My younger brother kicked me in the balls when I was very young (don’t remember the age). We are talking “bend it like Beckham” grade soccer kick. There was no reason, he just thought he would be funny. It landed me in the hospital and as the doctors feared, I would never be able to have kids. Yes, we tried medical assistance, there’s just nothing. What it also created was a serious hormone imbalance that went unchecked. I’m losing weight now but only because we are now aware the cards are stacked a bit more against me. It also did not help with not being able to have kids.