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There’s a fantastic piece, from years ago judging by the fashions, of a journalist going around a pro-life rally asking the participants what penalty the mothers should get for having an abortion. Because if it is murder, as they claim, then it’s the worst murder possible because it’s not only premeditated but also planned with the help of other participants. It should attract life imprisonment or even the death penalty. Because you can’t make something illegal without attaching a penalty to it. The stunned look on the faces of the protesters confronted with this logical conclusion to their aims was laughable.

25 45 Anti President Donald Trump 25th Amendment Shirt


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A decade or two ago and people may have been more lenient or understanding of women who got an abortion and not wanted to punish them for it. The issue has become such a hot topic and has been boiling for years and years now to the point where some people genuinely believe that it needs to be criminalized in order to save the lives of children. In regards to the woman charged with manslaughter, she was charged initially but those were later dropped I believe. Still messed up that she was even charged with a crime, to begin with but at least she didn’t have to serve a sentence or go to trial.