Wonderful I Like Stay Trippy Little Hippie Shirt

I can only imagine how much money he has wasted. But as a customer, you have to follow the rules. Yes, someone might genuinely be flirting with you. Or you are misreading the situation and making their shift hell. Better safe than sorry. I had a coworker tell us one time the lady in the Verizon store was flirting. We asked how he knew, he said that she kept asking for his number. I started laughing and said “yeah dude, so she can look up your account! Now I wonder if after all these years I have had bartenders actually flirting with me and I completely ignored it.

Wonderful I Like Stay Trippy Little Hippie Shirt

Wonderful I Like Stay Trippy Little Hippie Shirt

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I used to know a guy that thought every female bartender or waitress had a thing for him so he’d go back a few times a week then get mad when they wouldn’t enjoy his advances and act like a total asshole to them every time wed go in. Totally ruined our friendship cuz I looked forward to our once a week “beer summits” where wed meet up once a week to bs about work and hang out. I wish I could wear a sign that says “Don’t worry I will tip you well, you don’t have to pretend to like me” but that seems a little dickish.

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