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To be honest, I’ve suppressed nearly every memory of the early period, but my parents tell me I avoided most activities, refused to speak, and spent much of my time crying. While I get this is supposed to be a funny one, I actually was born at a very young age…3 months premature! In 1987, a 3-month premature baby was a pretty dicey situation. My parents allowed the doctors to do some lung treatments that at the time were still very new. I spent a long time in an incubator and had a feeding tube…the scar makes it look like I have two bellybuttons, which I used to think was super neat when I was a kid. All in all, I turned out fine.

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I was also born three months prematurely. My Mom said that I was so desperate to be born in the same month as my older brother that I was coming out of her with my legs down as she was in the front passenger seat while my Dad was driving to the hospital. I was born with a weak heart muscle and grew up with a lot of health problems now. I’m wondering what my life would be like if I was born as a full-term baby instead of a premature baby.

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