When I’m Dead Just Throw Me In The Trash Vintage Retro Shirt

Really though, I suggest that you take a step back and read through Biden’s platform. He’s being a lot more positive than Trump is, with his ‘Biden’s out to destroy America and bring about Marxism’. This, in itself, seems pretty reasonable. It only seems like an attack because Trump’s propensity to lie is well known.


When I’m Dead Just Throw Me In The Trash Vintage Retro Shirt


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Some of the biggest headlines about Biden are his attacks on Trump, but Biden has been frustratingly and deliberately silent on Trump 95% of the time. You can’t be completely mum, but when he finally does speak up it becomes front-page news. If you watch Biden speak it’s almost all about what he will do and what should happen, with some contrast to Trump in there for color.

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