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There’s no secret that he’ll turncoat when it’s convenient for him, but I do think this current iteration of the faux-populist far-right matches his true skin. There’s toeing party lines for your personal gain and then there’s the vitriol, racist sympathizing, problematic pardons, violence and hate inciting, and bottom of the barrel corruption that has been his whole presidency. Yup. This fat oaf was a Democrat, then a Republican in the late 80s, then Reform party, then back to Democrat in the early 00s, and now back to Republican. It’s why I’ve always been baffled by how much the GOP has bent over for him.

Sloth Im Not Feeling Very Today Shirt


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Yeah, they really seem to have forgotten that he was a Hollywood elite who spent most of his time schmoozing with celebrities and media moguls. It was no accident that he used to be at events and photo ops with many celebrities/famous people back in the 90’s/00’s when he had a TV show or was making appearances in the media all the time. It’s only been in the past 5 years or so that he abandoned that crowd and really started associating with the GOP establishment and especially Evangelicals, NRA types, tea party/alt-right/Q-Anon true believers, etc.