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I chanced upon my partner’s nephew’s account last year. He was in his early teens and really socially awkward, and I always had a soft spot for him. I knew he wasn’t popular at school and was dealing with some depression issues, and he wrote about that a bit on here. I didn’t tell anyone about the account because I didn’t want him to lose the privacy of this kind of outlet, but I checked it every now and then to make sure he was OK. I’ve seen young people get quite candid about loneliness and depression on here, and I wanted to know that he was safe, at least.

About a month or so ago a guy posted a thing saying his girlfriend believes she is a cat. He went on to explain their relationship and all her quirks and whatnot. The more I read the more it sounded like this girl I had a really complicated relationship with some years ago. Everything matched, even her age. At one point she said something about wanting to quit her job and live full time as a cat, and I swear to god this girl I knew once said the same thing to me. The girl I knew even used to meow and mew like a cat.

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