I Don’t Care What Day It Is It’s Early I’m Grumpy I Want Coke Shirt

I’m like 95% sure I stumbled across my manager’s Reddit account a couple of months ago. There were numerous points in a post I read that lined up perfectly with things he had been talking about at work for a couple of weeks beforehand, and the word use and tone matched his speaking pretty perfectly, not to mention the account name was fitting. It was super weird reading through the post and having this slow realization that it was him. I didn’t mention it to him, this kind of knowledge is too powerful.

I told a story of when I broke my ankle skating and one of the other roller derby girls in my team commented! We used to chat through Reddit a bit as I didn’t skate anymore but then last year she died suddenly in her sleep. I still have her messages and I feel weird seeing all the comments and stuff she made knowing she’s gone now. Just sad. Kinda irrelevant, I’ll admit, but when I found out my uncle was terminally ill, I found a birthday card he wrote for me, and I set it aside because I knew some day soon it would be so special and heartbreaking. And it sure is. Crazy how short life is. It hits hard sometimes.

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