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Regardless of what ‘they’ are saying, you should use common sense. Yes, the primary spread is through air particles. But air particles don’t just cease to exist, they land and settle on things, and the virus continues to be effective for AT LEAST 3-7 days (I have also heard 9-11 so there is not a full consensus on this yet) after landing. Get enough of it in one area and don’t meticulously wash your hands/avoid touching your face, and you can still totally catch it. For all those people saying “New Zealand only has 5million people…” That’s right. New Zealand STILL has 5million people. They matter! So as a nation, we’ve followed the advice of our health professionals to ensure we don’t have needless deaths.

Truth Over Lies Joe Biden 2020 T-Shirt


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Oh my god get me the duck out of this hellhole. I’ve never wanted to move to NZ so badly. Always been on my list to visit, now I just want to go and never return. Please, someone, adopt me. I’m not a child or anything but please anyone It’s things like this that make me wish I lived in a small country. It’s just so much easier to manage a national government and get everyone on the same page when you’re not trying to satisfy the cultures and mentalities of people as different as the residents of Seattle, Washington, and rural Mississippi.