Top Woodstock High School Wolverines Logo Shirt

Russia has been planning a way to take over the world (spelled out in the book: The Foundations of Geopolitics) for decades and they found a company and a bunch of sociopathic rich people, and way more than one president/proto dictator who in the name of power and money are more than happy to help. With the advent of micro-targeted advertisement, they are proving how effective propaganda is on a worldwide scale.


Top Woodstock High School Wolverines Logo Shirt

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There are many countries that have been targeted over the years and this company has been at the center of most (probably almost all) of it. A large scale attack has been launched on democracy and the poor across the entire world, but because it is cyber-based and relies heavily on disinformation almost no one sees it. The Information Age has ended and The Disinformation Age has begun.

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