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I wouldn’t wait for her medical team to report anything. Call your local non-emergency police line and let them know the situation. You may need to bring your grandma in to talk to them too, but still, its better than risking this caregiver getting away with it and doing it again. So I worked in mostly state-funded home health care in the US for a very brief time, and let me tell you, it is absolutely abhorrent how it is run. I was hired on a recommendation, I was not given an interview.

Top Weight Lifting Working On My Core Gi Vintage Retro Shirt


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Even more, a reason to report, with all the COVID restrictions on visitors and family members, I’m concerned that your grandma might not be the only victim here. This person is abusing the elderly. At least blunted with proper medication. Which was mostly about avoiding liabilities. Please listen to me here. I studied this issue a lot in law school. You need to find a lawyer who specializes in elder abuse cases near you (just google it). They will get things done faster than you can imagine.

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