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On one or two occasions, a fentanyl patch had gone missing, and they lock the entire building down (nobody in or out) until they can locate it. In your case, a police report will definitely get things moving, because they don’t take instances with controlled substances lightly either. At the very least, whoever is taking the meds will catch wind of the report through their employer, and they’ll be terrified. You did the right thing by quickly taking action.

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You need to report it to the authorities yourself- don’t assume that the police or other medical staff will do it, let alone do it properly. Call any licensing boards, accreditation boards, and nursing reporting hotlines that you need to, but report it yourself. And keep copies of the reports. Also, call a lawyer that specializes in elder abuse. Do you know who was taking her pills, like the actual name of the person? This person needs to be reported to the state immediately. And you absolutely should speak to the agency.

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