Top Feed Me And Tell Me I’m Spooky Shirt

What they are trying to point out to you is that while a serial killer may have picked up a piece of trash off the ground he still has killed many people. Trump only donates his salary so that people don’t call him out for charging the Secret Service for rooms at Mar-A-Lago while he goes golfing damn near every weekend. He’s costing taxpayers millions with all his jaunts to his own country clubs. He got caught stealing from charities. He’s not giving anyone a thing.

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Don’t be fooled one bit by the first one, it is purely for the show because he is grifting far more money from the presidency than his salary is worth. He charges secret service $650 a night and forces them to stay in his own hotels to protect him. And he obviously stays in his hotels a LOT. Every single time, he is putting American taxpayer money into his family businesses.

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