Top Guns Whisky Beer And Freedom Flag Shirt

It’s not that he makes money on unrelated RE, it’s that he is constantly bringing the secret service to his resorts and making massive bank off of government funds in a very corrupt manner. His salary donation has only a selfish scope: make himself look good and hide his theft. So on that one, it’s not a positive at all. 2 and 3 are valid to me with the info I have. 4 had very little to do with him, and he abandoned the Kurds and Syria in that same time period.

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Basically, when you evaluate an action, context and intent are important and must be taken into account, or you credit someone for accidental effects of their actions and not for what they actually did. He’s spent a couple of hundred times his salary — in taxpayer money — neglecting his job, playing golf, and enriching his properties, all at the same time.

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