Top Acts 238 How To Make America Great Again Shirt

I don’t even want to live with my family. My options are 1: move out and live in poverty or 2: stay, be controlled, and hovered over like I’m still a teen in high school and not quite have the freedom to live my life by my own values and the way I want to. I’m choosing the second one so I can hopefully have a slightly easier time later because of getting 2 debt-free years. Yes, the parents still act like parents to an extent but, over time, especially when the adult child begins making decent money, the control wanes SOME (because the child now CAN leave if they desired). But don’t buy into the American “freedom” and “independence” hype. That freedom will leave you broke struggling in the streets, especially in these uncertain times.

Top Acts 238 How To Make America Great Again Shirt

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I’m A Simple Man Shirt Tits Beer DND ShirtThere’s nothing wrong with it, I just don’t get the opportunity to explore life on my own terms and live the life I want for myself without somebody else getting to veto it/say no. They use their support to control me and it’s anxiety-inducing, frustrating, and suffocating (not to mention my growing resentment as I’m not respected as a person with a good head on their shoulders desire never getting into trouble as a kid). It doesn’t sound as bad from the outside as it feels from the inside I guess.Yeah, my parents suck and college have been the worst years of my life having to live with them. Every year they do something more screwed up to make me more depressed. Now I’m moving out senior year convinced I’d have added a whole point to my GPA if I’d been living alone.

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