Tokemon Gotta Smoke ’Em All Shirt

I think it really just burns out, plain and simple. At least for me. I put in a Tokemon Gotta Smoke ’Em All Shirt metric fuck ton of hours in Driftwood completing all the content i could get my hands on (of which there was a massive amount). I finally get to Arx, which I think is the final area of the game, but quickly found out it is another sprawling area with hundreds of people to talk to, dozens and dozens of new quests, dozens of new vendors to constantly be checking their stock, etc. My characters are getting near the level limit, my loot is approaching max levels, im getting close to my final power level. So there’s less progression to look forward to as well. The game is super fun and I totally enjoyed my entire time playing. I’m just having a really hard time jumping back in after time away.

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Tokemon Gotta Smoke ’Em All Hoodie

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