Home Is Here Dreamer American Flag Shirt

I did the same thing years ago when the Home Is Here Dreamer American Flag Shirt game first released and it wound up turning me hard against the game. I still beat the thing, loved the first DLC, and honestly just didn’t feel like doing the second. It’s not that I harbor negative views of the game, it’s amazing, but the soul-crushing collection (especially all the shit on the boat) really sours the otherwise very organic flow of the game. Especially since there is nothing much to gain from the almost endless collecting. Quarantine felt like a good time to restart and beat it. About halfway through I realized I was doing the same thing as before, so I stopped collecting things and committed to just doing the quests and gathering the Witcher Gear. My experience did a complete 180 and I appreciate the game a lot more. I strongly caution you to stop getting all the treasures in Skellige.

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Home Is Here Dreamer American Flag Hoodie

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