There’s Some Whores in This House WAP Vintage Shirt

His refusal to act on intelligence put forward to him of the coming epidemic and -worse than inaction, the constant pushing of his personal agendas in a time of crisis has brought us here to this tipping point in history, to this fateful DAILY reality wherein the very LIVES of those we hold most dear and cherish are on the line, and even past that to a future that so very precarious and uncertain. I believe, it’s Time that WE as a Nation, need to acknowledge, this man at the seat of high office, who is mandated to be OUR public servant, is neither deserving of that seat nor does not see himself in the light of that honored service.

There’s Some Whores in This House WAP Vintage Shirt


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His removal from high office was stalled by the smallest majorities in the Senate. His absolution coming from men and women who supported him out of fear, greed, selfish ambition, or simply lack strength of Will. We, as a Nation, do not owe him our respect or our concordance, and we certainly need to stop making excuses for him to explain away his many shortfalls and endless straightforward lies.