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Seriously we got double wammy by the courts. The least egregious was the State Supreme Court which told us the governor couldn’t delay the election. Technically true but the blame falls on the Republican legislature for not allowing for an extension. But then the SCOTUS tells us we can’t extend the deadline on absentee ballots, cementing the fact that many people were a force to go in person and risk exposure to a virus during a pandemic just to vote. I hope everyone is ready for this to play out nationwide when COVID comes back in the fall just before the election. This is why the court’s matter.

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Then, after Kavanaugh got confirmed despite perjuring himself on national television, threatening half the nation with retaliation, and epitomizing a lack of judicial composure in the way he tantrum and yelled, Roberts threw out all of the complaints that had been made, saying that those “lower court” judges didn’t have the right to file complaints against a Supreme Court Justice.