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I’ve seen tear-jerking vid of a kitten being pulled outa pipe with some mad skills and patience. And kitty was there for 4 days if you believe the thread description. Maybe we were talking bout that? I was raised Catholic/Christian but denounced my religious ties at an early age.. but now at 40 I wholly understand that all people have their own dispositions and beliefs. So if you strip away the religious content from The Pope’s message, at its core it is a kind and selfless gift to those less fortunate.

Sugar Skull Woman Holding Gun Flower Shirt

Sugar Skull Woman Holding Gun Flower Shirt

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This. It’s also important for him, as a religious leader, to embrace diversity (like he recently stated re sexual orientation) and be an example to followers of his that it is not ok to judge others, and that kindness and acceptance are what Jesus actually preached. Not judging and condemnation. Bravo, it’s taken many centuries but it’s a start.

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