Stop Asking Why I’m A Grumpy Railroader I Don’t Ask Why You’re So Stupid Train Shirt

I thought Cole was talking about teaching the other black artists she called out, as well as including poor people of any ethnicity. Either way that’s a criticism that’s not uncommon to the left. Shit, until recently socialists and communists where white as fuck, most organizations are still really white too. We haven’t been the best about reaching the populations we want to empower the most. Maybe I am interpreting it like that because it rings true to the movement I value most. Regardless, figure that I’d offer my take.

Stop Asking Why I’m A Grumpy Railroader I Don’t Ask Why You’re So Stupid Train Shirt
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Yeah but Noname started a book club with book lists and also sends revolutionary books to prisoners in a bunch of cities. She’s doing her best to inform the populous. Instead of criticizing her approach, Cole could’ve with one tweet pushed people towards her narrative or towards a charity, or anything. But instead, we’re acting like some stupid rap beef started because J Cole got offended. I think this is where white people have to step up, myself included. caring and spreading information whenever and wherever we can, challenging others on antiquated ideas.

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