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I don’t think it should be the burden of the oppressed to educate their oppressors. But I think we also have to acknowledge the reality of the situation. In theory, there shouldn’t be any oppression happening at all. But there is, and if the goal is to end it as soon as possible then that means the best thing to do is for everyone who is “woke” to try and educate others who aren’t. It shouldn’t be that way but it is. That being said, I think it is much more emotionally draining for people who are forced to constantly live the reality of their oppression to try and educate others who are not oppressed.

Just The Good Ol’ Boys Never Meanin No Harm Since The Day They Was Born Flag Car Shirt
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To that end, I would say it’s incredibly important for white allies to help fight that battle, especially since white people tend to be more receptive to other white people. I don’t think it’s fair to expect POC to educate their oppressors. But I also don’t think we should be insulting those who might not be as woke but are open-minded and willing to grow and learn. That only makes achieving change harder. Honestly, I know that you guys love this guy, but dedicating a whole verse on a song in times like these where so much important shit is happening to a tweet whose tone he didn’t like by a younger artist is wack as

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