Some Girls Go Kayaking And Drink Too Much Vintage Shirt

I was sure some players were going to break the bubble by ordering in women, not going out for pick up. Already proving that even American professional sports celebs cant be trusted. Is that precedent for ignoring the bubbles rules. What if teams that want to load manage their stars send them out to bang some in models and as a result, they get to rest them for 2 games. Really is a win-win.


Some Girls Go Kayaking And Drink Too Much Vintage Shirt 


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These dudes are used to clubbing and hanging out with women after playing games, now they’re gonna have to go back and hang out in their dorms like a bunch of 13-year-olds at summer camp. If he went to Ralph’s to get groceries or went to a family funeral he could be exposed to Covid as well but would only have a 4 day quarantine correct? Assuming he was tested every day.

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