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Watch his speech on the Senate floor last night! AND he’s the one that had the guts to put Graham and the others in their place when they threatened to hold up the vote by bringing up an amendment that would’ve taken out a lot of the unemployment. AND he’s fought for PEOPLE for years. The man is TIRELESS. I didn’t say he was the ONLY one, but YOU should be thankful for him TOO.I’d like to add a question, if I file for unemployment because my job had to close for an undetermined amount of time because of COVID would I be eligible to these benefits? I will technically still have a job at the end of it… hopefully.

Wtf are you talking about? Do you think that’s good? You are easily fooled then. They are bailing out corporations with TEN TRILLION DOLLARS and allowing them to do what they want with that money, pretty much unregulated. So more money in the pockets of the rich basically. How are you even remotely happy with the democratic party? They are corrupt and that money should be given to the people and to handle this pandemic. Just read that the US is as of now in a worse state than China regarding cases of the coronavirus… It’s better but “pretty damn good” is pushing it. It’s still leaving a ton of people behind, myself included. Not to mention I was laid off last Monday and it looks like I’ll have no income until this is over.

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