Seahawks Girl Classy Sassy And A Bit Smart Assy Vintage Shirt

I’m pretty sure Trump still thinks everybody could hurry up and get it and then it would go away, but it doesn’t really infect THAT fast that it can infect 100 million in just a few months or something. Even without mitigation, it would still take years at this rate for herd immunity to happen AND that’s only if the antibodies stick around long enough, which they probably don’t. John Oliver made a similar observation on his show, saying Trump’s too stupid to even cash in on the pandemic properly.


Seahawks Girl Classy Sassy And A Bit Smart Assy Vintage Shirt


Saints Girl Classy Sassy And Bit Smart Sassy Vintage Shirt


Rob Zombie Three From Hell Friends Halloween Shirt


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Playing With My Money Is Like Playing With My Emotions Vintage Shirt 


My republican coworker called my old boss dramatic because she was so upset when trump was elected and was holding back tears. The republican coworker was like “what is the worst that’s going to happen, relax”. When I recently mentioned this to her and said maybe our boss was right to be so upset, she brushed me off. It doesn’t matter with these people, sometimes it still doesn’t matter when they’re directly effected.

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