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I mean I get it. Control is one if not the best raytracing showcases. And the game is dirt cheap nowadays, so of course, they don’t want to create a situation where everybody who wants the raytracing effects just buys a cheap existing copy of the game. But there are ways around that. Limit the upgrade to those that have played the game before today. It’s not like that functionality doesn’t exist, it is used all the time to give out promotional stuff (play before XX/XX and get a Batista skin in Gears 5). They just want to do the ultimate cash grab, not caring about existing customers.

Russell Terrier Meta Master Of Puppies Shirt

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What’s even worse is Control runs like dog shit on the Xbox One X and doesn’t even have HDR support. So they want you to buy the game a 2nd time just to get features that should’ve been available the first time around depending on your hardware? I’ve always like Remedy but this is some fuckery right here. Going from Xbox One to Series X is like upgrading your pc, faster hardware but basically still the same system. It’s not like the days of PS3-PS4 or 360-One were the system architecture was completely different from one gen to the next.

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