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I don’t know about any kind of trend that would factually deny that what happened was completely uncalled for and in fact criminal! The line of fire was not only the one-shot but what could have potentially happened, there were three children in the car that witnessed this whole incident. Imagine if a stray bullet hit the kids. Also seriously on video, the man was shot at point-blank range in his BACK, his actions did not warrant that kind of deadly force. We don’t have to imagine it, cops have killed kids with stray bullets and have killed kids intentionally in the past. Nothing happens to them as long as it’s not a white kid.

Yuengling Lager Happy Water For Fun People Vintage Shirt

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No one here ever brings up when right-wingers show noncompliance with police officers, they bend over backward to bring them in, whether it’s the Bundy who took over a federal building or had an Armed standoff with police, or the police bringing Dylan roof to get a McDonald’s after he went on a killing spree in a black church, it is almost like if the police wanted to bring someone in without violence they can. Guy has a history of violence especially towards women, has had the cops called him multiple times, has a warrant out for his arrest, wrestles and does not comply with police officers, reaches into a car after ignoring them, gets shot. Apparently cops are the bad people for protecting themselves and others. Tragic for the kids to have to see that.

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